Week 4

During week four I was assigned to take pictures of my week. I took them via my mobile phone and used the skills learnt in the previous week.

I then uploaded them using a USB connection and uploaded them onto WordPress using the ‘how to’ guide provided.

I then built on my online writing skills to describe the journey and used the inverted pyramid system in order for readers to get all the information first.

This will come in extremely useful if we were to use slide shows on our group blog in future classes along with any of my own images I ever wish to publish online. Because of the methods I have learnt not only will I be able to post them but they will be clear and tell a much better story.

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Week 4

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This week has been extremely routine, with me doing the same thing virtually every day… work in the university library.

My trip involves a walk through the deep dark woods of Meanwood, where you come across all sorts of sights from horses to bath tubs. It’s a nice enough walk when it’s dry and bright but in the winter it’s hellish.

The most pleasant part of the trip is deep in the woods where a bridge crosses a stream surrounded by lush green trees and if you ignore the lager cans and used condoms once crossed, it’s not all bad.

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My University Life in a Single Image

Crisps, Coca Cola, Newpaper and the battery charger of a laptop signifying a laptop is not far away. My uni life in a nutshell.


Salt and Vineger aren’t my favourite flavour, I’m more of a Prawn Cocktail man but that’s all they had in the shop and I practically live of crisps therefore it was essential they took the main focus in the shot.

Coca Cola is as equally important in my university, it could very well have been a can of lager, however it wouldn’t have been the smartest of moves taking alcohol into the university library.

As a Journalism student, the laptop and particularly the newspaper represents studying and therefore is purely in the background because I do very little of it. I love crisps.

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Week 11

Our final week before Easter was dedicated to filming and editing our video news story on the hike in Leeds Metropolitan tuition fees.

Ismail bravely took on the role of reporter whilst Stephen was in charge of filming and I was in charge of sound, aka holding the boom. The filming ran fairly smoothly, however due to it being last day of term, not many people were around to interview and therefore was difficult to get a wide range of Vox Pops.

Once the piece had been filmed, we took it back for editing. From the previous experience I had had editing last year and for our TV Journalism module I took on the role of editor. It ran a lot better than I thought it would as I’m still not amazingly comfortable with the editing process and using Final Cut Pro but I managed to get it edited and posted fairly quickly. Due to the success of the video it is something that we are looking into doing again as well as maybe posting a podcast on the site.

I managed to include some freeze frames and fades into the video giving it a more professional feel along with including the sites colour scheme giving it an air of consistancy.

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Week 10

Week ten was spent with only me and Ismail in the session, so we decided to continue with the idea about a video story. It had been decided that the story was going to be about Leeds Metropolitan University’s fee rise so I set about writing the script for it.

In the session I researched the topic and found out statistics and background on the university and the Government’s decision to increase the cap of student fee’s to £9,000.

Additionally I had a go at creating a logo for the site and Twitter feed but due to my lack of photoshop skills I conceded the matter and passed it onto Ismail.

During this week, we also looked at changing the appearance of our site as we both felt it looked a little too informal and uneducated for what we were trying to do and decided to change our theme in order to make it look a real news site but with elements of ‘young’ and ‘cool’ still there. We decided on Inuit Types by BizzArtic and a white and navy blue colour scheme.

Later on after the session I put together a very brief script with the road we wanted it to go down along with leaving wriggle room in the script depending on how our planned Vox Pops went.

The Script

On the 28th March, Leeds Metropolitan announced that their tuition fees are to be set at £8,500 when the increased cap comes into practice in 2012.

The university was the first in the Million+ group to reveal their plans and has received mixed views on the decision to charge only £500 less thanOxfordandCambridge.


Following the Browne Review in October and the decision by MP’s to lift the cap on student fees ten thousand protesters floodedLondon.

The Government agreed in the House of Lords that there would be a £9k cap and could be charged at a rate of 3% depending on earnings and only paid back once the student is earning over £21,000

Leeds Metropolitans Chairman of Governors defended the rise to £8,500 saying;

 “In the face of huge cuts in Government funding, we face difficult and tough choices.

“We shall continue to secure cost savings but it is essential that we remain able to invest in high- quality university education and facilities for our students.

“We have a proud history of widening participating and will continue to support access into higher education and ensure that our students are successful at university and after they graduate.”

But will the rise affect people coming to Leeds, after all a major attraction to Leeds Metropolitan was once the good value it prided itself on.



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Week 9

Unfortunately in week nine I was unable to make it into class to meet up with the group and let them know I was to work and upload content from home.

In this week I posted a further review on a bar called A Nation of Shopkeepers in the city centre of Leeds. I kept the review in the same style as my previous review and feel I kept it aimed towards our target audience still.

I also added a music review to the entertainment section of a Primal Scream concert that had happened the previous week in Leeds. It was also the opening night of the tour so gave our site the power to give readers insight as to what the rest of the tour will be like.

Due to my absense however, I was left less aware of further progress on ideas for the sight and unable to help in the discussion for an idea to create a video story.

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Week 8

During week eight we started to add content to our site. I uploaded my first review on a bar called East of Arcadia situated just outside Headingley.

Sadly I didn’t manage to capture an image of the bar, giving the review less power but I am looking at going back to take a picture to update the review with.

Also in this week we started tweeting and started following people in the hope of receiving some followers and start spreading the word.

I found the process of writing the review entertaining and found it comfortable to do so I was happy with my role in the team. I feel I managed to keep to our house style of being slightly quirky and edgy along with appealling to our target audience of students.

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